7 Testimonial To Do’s

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Tooting your own horn is fine.  However, it is much better when your customers are the ones saying all those nice things.

Keys To Maximizing Testimonial Impact

1. Use the person’s full name, title and company
A testimonial from a well-known and respected company carries prestige.  If a senior or well known person at the company associates their name with the testimonial even better.

2. No anonymous testimonials
If you cannot identify the person or company, at least by initials or industry, then do not use the testimonial.  There is very limited credibility in “non-name” praise.

3. Recent ones only
Show your recent work.  Older (5+ years) testimonials speak to the past not the present.

4. Have at least three testimonials
Like the old Sally Field speech at the Academy Awards, “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”.  Whether the testimonials rotate on your web site or are in a static box you want to project variety and that lots of folks value your company.

5. Quality over Quantity
In point three above we covered quantity.  If you have to trade off, then trade off in favor of quality.  A series of not gushing testimonials is not as effective as a few glowing ones.

6. Use audio or video
Written testimonials are two-dimensional. Video or audio is dimensional.  The viewer or listener can pick up on tone changes, emphasis on certain words etc.

7. Use a photo of person providing testimonial
The credibility by providing name, company and title as covered in item number one is topped off if it also includes a photo.  The testimonial provider who is willing to even submit a photo is very satisfied with the company and committed to the testimonial.

The Takeaway

Testimonials are powerful tools for marketers.  Maximize their effectiveness by making them recent, powerful and personal.

That is all from my side.  How about you?

1. How do you use testimonials?

2. How effective have your testiminials been?

3. Are you planning to change or update your testimonials?

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