Another 20 Questions A Manager Should Ask Themselves

June 22nd, 2010 by Rob Berman Leave a reply »

You asked for more so this post adds 20 more questions to the original list of 20 questions.

Here are some questions you should answer for yourself.  Only you know the answers, so be brutally honest.

  1. Do you know what one hour of your time is worth?
  2. How long has it been since you only worked 9 to 5?
  3. How often do you take work home at night, on weekends or on vacations?
  4. Do your employees know the company mission and main goals?
  5. Have you delegated enough authority to allow your employees to succeed?
  6. How many unanswered e-mails in your in-box? Does it cause you stress?
  7. Have you shared with your employees the company guidelines about Social Media?
  8. Do you know enough about Social Media?
  9. Are you tactful?

10.  What is your hobby that separates your work time from your leisure time?

11.  Have you thought about where you want to be in one year, three years, and five years?

12.  How do you deal with criticism from clients, managers, co-workers and employees?

13.  What is your decision making process?

14.  What is your batting average for good decision-making?

15.  Do you write on paper or do you use technology such as iPad, PC or Smart Phone? Why?

16.  How would your employees describe you as a manager?

17.  Is there a manager that you admire and try to emulate?

18.  Do you have a plan for each day when you reach the office?

19.  Are you considered a thought leader in your company and industry?

20.   Do you have a bundle of questions, “to do” points or awaiting approval submissions sitting on your desk for you to action before your staff can proceed with their tasks?

The Takeaway

Managers regularly ask questions of others.  They need to stop, take a breath and also ask themselves questions.

Those are the ideas for consideration.  What do you think?  Please comment below.

  1. Will you make changes based upon your answers?
  2. Did you feel uncomfortable answering the questions?
  3. What else would you add to the list?
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