Colleagues Say …

Over the years I have worked with many fine people.  Below are some descriptions of my work style and approach to working culled from their recommendations on LinkedIn.

  • As a leader: “Rob provides clear leadership so deadlines and budgets are met.”
  • As a manager: “Rob is a well rounded manager and works for his team.”
  • As an employee: “He also is a very loyal subordinate with a very consultative approach towards getting things done.”
  • As a business partner: “Rob was a wonderfully collaborative business partner, always responsive and hard-working.”
  • As a decision maker: “Rob was comfortable making tough decisions but always did so in a constructive way, communicated effectively.”
  • As a motivator: “He was a very astute judge of talent who got things done efficiently and expeditiously, a tremendous accomplishment in such a large organization.”
  • As a service provider (think customer service): “His openness and insight was in stark contrast to the often staid and outmoded approach pervasive in the organization at large.”
  • As a collaborator: Our interactions and outcomes were very favorable, with Rob demonstrating a professional and collaborative approach.”
  • As an organizational communicator: “He navigates well internally and externally at all levels of an organization.”
  • As a planner: His ability to always see the big picture while maintaining adequate control of detail made him successful.”
  • As a subject matter expert: “I liked to work with Rob because of his attention to detail and large experience base. Rob knows his stuff, and as such I learned from him.”
  • As a team player: He kept me abreast of issues and developments relative to my area, thought about product issues in creative ways, and nicely engaged those on his staff.”
  • As a deadline maker: “He was a driver of the initiatives and leveraged his industry knowledge and strong business acumen to bring the initiatives to completion.”
  • As a goal achiever: “It is that attention to detail, product knowledge and competitive nature that allowed him to consistently exceed his goals and provide my team with exceptional support and guidance.”
  • As a human being: “It was a pleasure working together with him.”
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