Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

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'Social Media Policy: How To Write It' photo (c) 2011, Beth Kanter - license: Media has exploded over the last couple of years.  We are more attached to devices that allow us to be connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and various blogs.

The Workplace

At work, many employees like to connect via their employer’s network.  Employers have erected firewalls or blocked sites to help protect their systems from outside attacks.  The result is decreased ability for employees to reach these sites.

Other companies allow free access to these Social Media sites with little or no rules.  On one hand that allows employees to access and post on these sites.  On the other hand, how much time are employees spending on these sites instead of performing their job duties?

Questions to Consider

During the time on the Social Media sites are your employees talking about your company?  Is it positive or negative?  Are they authorized to mention or represent your company on these sites?

Lots of questions.  Do you have a Social Media policy?  There are a number of generic ones online to either implement or use as a starting point.

The Takeaway

Create a Social Media policy for your company before your employees create a defacto one.

Those are my thoughts.  How about you?  Please comment below.

  1. Do you have a Social Media policy?
  2. What is your company’s approach to Social Media?
  3. Are you planning to adjust your approach?

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