Do You Know What Your Web Reputation Is?

February 9th, 2010 by Rob Berman Leave a reply »

We have all heard the oft repeated phrase, a dissatisfied customer tells 10 people.  What are your customers saying about you online?

Exploding Opportunities for Customers to Comment

The web has created many opportunities for customers to comment about your company, staff and products & services.  Customers may not be calling or writing to the company anymore like in the good old days.

Below are three methods to monitor your brand online.

1) Google Alerts

The alert searches for whatever phrase or name you enter.  Search for key executives, your company name and products or services.  The data is aggregated and e-mailed to you once per day. The alert can be quickly set up at

2) Customer Review Sites

Customer review sites have proliferated.  Some like Angie’s List cover limited categories and require membership.  Others like and are free.

3) Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes aggregates information about whatever your search topic is.  Your pipeline will report to you about its findings on search engines, Twitter, Flickr and other web portals.  The pipeline can quickly be set up at

The Takeaway

It is better to know than not know what your customers are saying about you in cyberspace.  Monitor your brand reputation by creating alerts and reviewing influential sites for mentions about your company, staff and products & services.

Those are my thoughts.  Over to you. Please comment below.

1)      Do you monitor your brand online?

2)      Do you use the tools I mentioned in this post?

3)      How else do you know what your customers are saying?

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