Leveraging Customer Success Stories in Communications Vehicles

June 15th, 2010 by Rob Berman Leave a reply »

The old saying that nothing breeds success like success is till true.  Prospective customers want to know you can solve their problem or challenge.

Draft short case studies of your firm in action.  State the problem, your actions and the positive results.  Using numbers helps drive home the point of the results.

Here are four great ways to use Customer Success Stories:

1. Feature one or two in a blog post
Many people like the positive attention of being quoted or featured in a story.  Ask their permission, quote them (using full name, title and company) and publicize the blog posting.  You should end up with extra viewers of your blog when the featured person shares it with others– probably through Social Media.

2. Post several of the stories on your web site
Create a Case Studies or Success Stories button on your web site.  Potential customers often “kick the tires” on your web site before they talk to you or conduct business with you.  Let them see how you have solved challenges like their challenges.  A story attributed to a high-level person at a respected company speaks volumes.

3. Highlight a few of the successes in your newsletter
Repurpose or repackage some of the case studies in a newsletter to your distribution list. The newsletter stories will reinforce the positive feelings current clients have about the firm.  Additionally, prospects will continue on the path of gaining comfort with your firm.

4. Case Study Booklets
Combine the different success stories used in blog posts, the web site and newsletter into a handout.  The booklet can be e-mailed to prospects and distributed by sales representatives.

Bonus Techniques

I have written 4 other posts on Customer Success Stories. Click below to read them.

The Takeaway

Case Studies featuring successful outcomes are versatile marketing tools. Deploy these tools in your blog posts, web site, newsletters and case study booklets.

That is what is on my mind.  How about you? Please comment below.

  1. How do you use customer success stories?
  2. What results have you achieved with your case studies?
  3. What would you do differently in the future?
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  1. Agree with you Rob. Have done so several times even in Saudi Arabia. However, it’s crucial to ask for permission first.

    The one I posted that I love more than anything was from someone in the US military stating that:

    “if it wasn’t for Safari (the Saudi company I worked for), the United States would not have been able to liberate Kuwait”.

    Had a letter to that affect + permission. Doubt if I will ever be able to beat that?

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