Marketing Trifecta

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I worked with a group of business owners on the topic of client/customer feedback mechanisms.  Together, we articulated an approach with three levels of payback.

Feedback Offer

Send out a thank-you letter to new or first-time clients/customers. Offer them a discount on future goods or services if they fill out a customer feedback form.

Marketing Trifecta

The results will be threefold hence, the name trifecta.

1. Build positive client relationships

Clients will be impressed that you are willing to forgo revenue to receive information about how your company is performing.  It will come across as your company “paying” the client for their time with the discount you are offering.

2. Increase revenues by making the client/customer a repeat purchaser.

The goodwill that you engender will increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.  Repeat customers are more profitable because you did not need to incur additional costs to find the customer.

3. Provide the business owner with valuable feedback that can be used to improve relationships in the future.

Knowing more about the customer buying experience allows you to hone your approach.  Emphasize more of what is working and remove or rework those items that are not as successful or appreciated by prospects and new customers.

The Takeaway

Don’t operate in the dark, ask your new customers about their experience with your company.

Those are my thoughts.  How about you?

  1. How do you or your clients obtain feedback from customers?
  2. Do you employ an ongoing feedback mechanism?
  3. How has your customer experience changed as a result of the feedback loop?
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