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Here are my most popular articles since I began writing the blog in 2009. Enjoy!

1) SWOT Analysis: A Powerful and Underutilized Tool

The most popular post of all-time. Learn how to use the SWOT Analysis technique.

2) Some Questions to Ask During a SWOT Analysis

A follow-up to the most popular post identifies a series of questions to use during the SWOT Analysis.

3) What Are Some Marketing Mistakes That Companies Make?

We all make mistakes in our day to day jobs. Examine the mistakes that companies make in the Marketing Arena.

4) Marketing: Art or Science
There has been an ongoing debate about whether Marketing is an Art or Science. Check out the latest usage of Neuroscience.

5) 20 Reasons For Issuing a Press Release

Prognosticators have said that the Press Release is dead. Social Media has not killed the Press Release.

6) Why Are New Products Launched (Part 3 of 4)?

Take a look at externally focused reasons why companies develop new products.

7) Why Are New Products Launched (Part 2 of 4)?

Learn why companies launch new products for the correct reasons.

8 How Changes in Perception Impact Your Brand

Factors like crisis, the environment or changing perceptions can dramatically impact a brand. Explore how three different brands handled the changes.

9) Let’s Avoid Customer Disappointment

Customer Service is an integral part of your business. Delight the customer instead of disappointing the customer.

10) Naming Innovative New Products

Innovative new products are sometimes hard to describe to the business or consumer purchaser. See how some companies conquered this challenge.

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