Using Customer Success Stories in the Sales Process

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All businesses have happy customers.  Finding new customers and keeping current customers is vital to the health of every business.  You can leverage Customer Success Stories in blog posts, web sites, newsletters and case study booklets.  In addition, use those Case Studies in the Sales Process in four different ways.

Sales Letter

We are all pressed for time and tend to skim through our mail.  Capture the attention of prospects and compel them to keep reading by featuring a success story in your sales letter.

E-mail Campaign

E-mail, whether used as a part of an integrated campaign or just a one off note to a hot prospect allows you to capture a prospect’s attention.  Similar to sales letters, get to the point quickly and succinctly in relating a customer win/win situation.

PowerPoint or Multi-media Presentations

Pitch how your firm has created desired results for customers like your prospect.  The old, reliable standby PowerPoint works great.  What is even better is an audio or video clip featuring the customer story embedded into the PowerPoint.


The sales letters, e-mails and PowerPoints have contributed to a situation where a prospect asks for a proposal.  Now, is the time to prove to the prospect that you have the knowledge and experience to “take the monkey off their back” and solve their problem.  Go back into your catalog of Customer Success Stories.  Select the appropriate ones to sprinkle throughout your proposal to support your assertions about company skills and outcomes.

Bonus Techniques

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The Takeaway

The sales cycle allows for using success stories in sales letters, e-mails, PowerPoints and proposals.  Let your customers show your prospects why they should do business with your company.

That is what I am thinking.  What is on your mind?  Please comment below.

  1. How do you use customer success stories in your sales cycle?
  2. What results have you achieved with your case studies?
  3. What other sales cycle usages do you see for case studies?
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  1. Bob Carty says:


    I am a strong believer in the value of customer success stories as a proof point to new prospective

    Bob Carty

  2. Don Marshall says:


    Could not agree with you more about customer success stories in a sales presentation. As they say, “success breeds success”.


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