Using Customer Success Stories With The Media

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Customer Success Stories are a great tool to use in Communications Vehicles, the Sales Process and with the Media.

Four ways that the success stories can be utilized in the Media are:

Pitching Stories to the Media

A well-written e-mail or scripted phone call to media contacts with a compelling customer success story can get the creative juices flowing.  Writers and reporters need to fill pages and airtime each day.  Make their jobs easier by providing compelling content.


Feature the story in an advertisement that is run in an industry publication, local newspaper or in an online publication.

Press Releases

Writers and editors like to tell a story in their articles.  Live examples with local companies grab the attention of readers.  Making a connection is what the writer is seeking to do and featuring local personalities helps.

Contributed or By-lined Article

Targeting a story to an industry publication plays to the relevancy angle.  I have utilized this technique myself.  The article ended up being the cover story.  The result was fantastic publicity and a reprint opportunity.

Bonus Techniques

I have written 4 other posts on Customer Success Stories. Click below to read them.

The Takeaway

Customer Success Stories are a great technique to use when pitching the media with a story concept or idea.

Those are the ideas.  What are your ideas?  Please comment below.

1.      What other techniques do you use to pitch customer success stories?

2.      Have you been effective in pitching stories?

3.      Please share a success story.

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  1. Rob:
    To extend the idea a little — “nothing succeeds like success!” Being in the web publishing area myself, my work does not involve traditional customers. But when I am “selling” what I do to an agency, then what they want to hear about is how successful my enterprise has been, whether it’s year to year, audience demographics, or whatever the metric may be. Success sells!

    • Rob Berman says:


      Success does indeed sell. If we are not pitching traditional channels we still need to get across our message. It sounds like you are successful at it.


  2. Susan Oakes says:

    Good tips Rob. I have seen these stories as part of an advertorial and seem to work well.

  3. Peter Lowy says:

    I agree Rob. Customer success stories bring life to the point being made. However, I find it equally important to tell the overall story with solid numbers. If the one or two success stories don’t reflect the bigger picture, you can lose credibility. I find that some of the biggest payoff in developing those stories is helping to cement relations between my clients and their customers who are the subject of the stories. Good luck.

    • Rob Berman says:


      You make an excellent point about cementing the relationship between the company and the customer who is featured in the success story. Numbers always bring a reality to the situation and raise the level of credibility.


  4. Rob, thanks for this brilliant idea. While I have numerous success stories with my clients, I had never thought seriously about using them to promote my services. I guess I falsely assumed that in order to be featured in a newspaper, I would have to be a celebrity of sorts!
    I have published articles for major publications in my area, but they are more generic. Many publishers will not permit self promotion of any kind.

    • Rob Berman says:


      Newspapers do not want self-promotion. You can share success stories in your more generic articles. Better yet, let them know the success stories and have the newspaper or radio station or TV station feature you.


  5. Hey Rob, using customer success stories (testimonials) has many purposes. To promote your brand like Catarina mentions – showing potential customers that you have made other customers “happy”. Great suggestion to use them to get media coverage. The rationale is if you show the media how others have benefited from your product or service, your brand now becomes “newsworthy” as you can offer the same benefits to new customers. Thanks for the idea 🙂

    • Rob Berman says:


      Absolutely about brand building. You want your name out there and the post suggests some ways. The two posts that were hyperlinked also have some other ideas on how to use success stories.


  6. I like your idea of supplying compelling content to the media. They definitely need to fill air time and this idea leads to a win-win situation.

  7. Good points Rob. Have only ever used customer successstories as references for promotions i.e. web sites, broshures and so forth.

    My favourite was a colonel in the US Army that wrote a letter to the conglomerate I worked for in Saudi Arabia saying that Americs wouldn’t have manage to liberate Kuwait (the first Gulf War) if it hadn’t been for the company I worked for. Loved that one – actually it’s the best such story I’ve ever heard. And the Saudis had not used the letter for promotion, so I changed that.

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