What Should My Employee Newsletter Contain?

May 11th, 2010 by Rob Berman Leave a reply »

Communications continues to fragment with more and more sources for news and information. The internal newsletter for your Department, Division or Company is still critical for directing the flow of information.

What should the newsletter contain? Each company will have unique situations or needs to meet.  However, there are a number of items that cut across all organizations.

  1. Success Stories: Employees want to know what is working.
  2. Tip of the Month (or Quarter): Highlight a feature or benefit that is working well.
  3. Product or Service Development Updates: Let the employees know how the product pipeline is progressing.
  4. New Marketing Initiatives: Sales and Business Development professionals are always looking for new and different Marketing tools.  Educate them.
  5. Lessons Learned: Propel knowledge throughout the organization by sharing lessons learned.
  6. Trivia or Little Known Facts: Most people like the challenge of trivia.  A contest to answer the question will generate interest and let you know that people are reading the newsletter.
  7. Interviews with Employees: Those who do not work in “Headquarters” or a main office may not know some of the key players.  Have a short interview to introduce them.
  8. Letter From The Editor: Share information about items that may not require their own article or story.
  9. Message From A Senior Executive: Inform about strategy and progress towards goals.

10.  Human Resources: Announce employment milestones, promotions, new roles etc.

11.  Government Relations: If you deal with the government, provide information to keep employees knowledgeable.

12.  Calendar of Events: List relevant upcoming events such as webinars, conference calls, meetings, tradeshows etc.

There are lots of other ideas.  However, these are some concepts to get you started.

The Takeaway:

Don’t spend all your time communicating to external audiences.  Newsletters are vital tools to communicate with your employees (internal audience).

Those are my thoughts.  What do you think?  Please comment below.

  1. What other items do you include in your newsletter?
  2. How often do you publish your newsletter?
  3. Do you ask the employees for feedback to improve your newsletter?
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  1. Anna Jones says:

    Thanks for the article Rob – I’m redeveloping our staff newsletter at the moment, and will be stealing some of your ideas!

  2. Rachel Hall says:

    Great article Rob, it just goes to show being a manager is never going to be easy with so much to think about

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